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Newmarket Post Office: A Question Answered!

Yesterday’s blog post profiled my great-grandfather, Frederick George Postans (1839-1922). He lived and worked in Newmarket, Suffolk, for the greater part of his life. He worked as postmaster and lived in the Post Office located in Newmarket High Street. I was musing yesterday whether the existing Post Office was the same one – a Google search (God bless Google!) has revealed the answer.

The Website ‘Newmarket Shops’ has the following information:

  • The Post Office

  • Newmarket’s Post Office was originally across the road at No.122 High Street – now Thing-Me-Bobs, but this was the site of the 5th bomb that struck Newmarket during WWII on February 18th 1941 – the building was destroyed and two people lost their lives there.As a temporary measure the Post Office was transferred to the Memorial Hall – No.144 High Street, where it remained until 1951, when Willoughby House along with Frank Griggs’ house next door were demolished to make way for the present building.

(Found at accessed 9th February 2014)

So, sadly, the original Post Office where Frederick spent virtually all his working life has disappeared. I will continue to try and find out more about the original Post Office and see if I can locate any images. I’ve put out a request on a Newmarket Facebook page so I hope that will bear fruit!

During the course of researching about the Post Office I have also turned up a fascinating account of the destruction of Newmarket High Street on 18th February 1941 during WWII. This is a very interesting side-alley in my research (which genealogy seems to regularly throw up!) and worth perusing although not directly relevant to my family. Sadly a Post Office worker was killed during the raid at his work.


Edit: The Facebook page ‘Old Newmarket’ has kindly linked to a photo in its archive of the old Post Office for me – it was rather thrilling opening this up for the first time and seeing the place where my Great-Grandfather lived and worked in the 1870s-90s. The image was provided by the Newmarket Local History Society and I am linking to it here so that you can click through and see it too! Wow. The power of the internet!

Arriving in Cambridgeshire…

We’ve been in Cambridgeshire for a month now and I’m itching to get back online and get the family research project well underway again.

While spending time at my parents’ house recently, Dad showed me three photographs in his possession. They were passed to him a number of years ago by his elder sister, Jennifer. We are convinced that one of the photos shows Frederick George Postans (snr), my paternal great-grandfather. The other two gentlemen are something of a mystery. We think there is a strong Postans family resemblence but apart from that, their identities remain a tantalising mystery. My only hope is to find someone who might be able to give us a clue on the clothing styles and approximate decade, and then make a guess at a family member who is the ‘right’ age.

I will upload the pictures for readers to make their own guesses!

In the next few weeks I hope to make good headway now that we’re ideally located for some parish record archive work!

Postans Places: Rous Road, Newmarket

This weekend we journeyed around Cambridgeshire and West Suffolk, scoping out the various options for places to move to. It was too good an opportunity to do some family detective work to pass up! After we’d viewed a few houses … Continue reading

What’s happening at the moment?

Wheels have been turning slowly in the Project recently.  I made rapid progress with several generations of the Postans and Gardner families but have hit a few snags – I hope to make progress on the following soon:

  • Gardner side – Mears ancestors. I applied to the Worcestershire Archive for material on this side but have hit a dead end. I will be progressing this through another avenue. More to follow on this! It’s potentially a very exciting lead related to print media and, in theory, there ought to be a trove of archival material out there somewhere featuring this ancestor prominently!
  • Postans side – a number of the branches appear very fruitful indeed but I will probably need to apply for BMD certificates to take this much further.

The exciting news is that we’re going to Cambs this weekend and I hope to get some photographic evidence of more Postans Places – houses lived at by my grandfather Frederick George Campion Postans and his family. I am really looking forward to this.

I really like this historic map of Cambs – it’s 17th century so a bit further back – but hopefully I can get us back to within sight of that era!

Cambridgeshire, from John Speed’s map of ‘Great Britaine’, 1611/12. Cambridge University Library.