Barking up the wrong tree?

I’ve been lucky so far in that finding ancestors using Ancestry has been a straightforward business. Perhaps this is the gift of the unusual surname – there have been very few false leads with regard to the Postans family.

Until now.

I find my head spinning trying to work out which Richard and William Postanses ‘belong’ to us – the profusion of Georges, Fredericks, and Campions I could cope with. They are mostly close ancestors anyway and I’ve started to be able to recall details of their lives as individuals.

The Richards and Williams belong back in the late 18th and early 19th century and I’m getting quite confused about whether a certain branch belongs to us or not. The Suffolk ones I am quite confident in – but it seems that the line may then deviate from the East and move Westwards to Tewkesbury – a picturesque town in Gloucestershire. If this is the right branch, it may be difficult to find out what brought the family to East Anglia.

However – I still need to sort out the profusion of Richards and Williams on my tree – and I know I’m a beginner, but even I can figure out that it’s impossible for a father and son to be born within a year of one another so something has gone dreadfully awry! I am off to sort it out now!




The grave of a Richard Postans in the grounds of Tewkesbury Abbey – which may or may not belong to our ancestor who died in 1780…

I am extremely grateful to the archivist at Tewkesbury Abbey, Pat Webley, for assisting in tracing the Postans family burials at Tewkesbury Abbey.